Why your diet is FAILING YOU, not the other way around

We’ve got it all messed up




 The word diet should simply mean the types of food we choose to eat. Unfortunately when we talk about diets now people automatically mean dieting to lose weight (they actually mean body fat)


So by default we are programmed to think about changing the foods we like to eat in a way that will help you shift the lbs. 


Let me tell you why this is a waste of your time in the long run and why thinking you’ve failed is just plain wrong. 




1) It’s still all about energy balance


 it doesn’t matter how you eat or what you eat – energy balance rules – let that sink in again for moment before you read on. If you take in more energy than you need you will gain weight, if you train and eat enough protein that could end up as muscle and if not, then it will most likely be body fat. 


2) There are a million ways to eat based on your goal


 Literally, there are so many ways or ‘diets’ out there that you could pick a new one every day of the year to try. Problem is 364 of these could be wrong for you and if that’s the case you’ll eventually crash and burn when trying to hit that goal with your nutrition


3) If it’s not sustainable you’ll not fucking do it (for long anyway)


Ties in with point 2 above. Yes early progress can be a wonderful thing and more aggressive approaches should be utilised where appropriate but then what? If you can’t stick to it while working towards your goal then it’s simply not for you. Some people love that Keto shit (eating high fat foods and lower carb intake), which is completely fine and a legitimate way of setting their nutrition up if they can sustain it with their lifestyle. I would go ape shit if someone took away my carbs for more than a few days so therefore I wouldn’t be able to sustain it.


Point being, if you can’t sustain your way of eating (diet) then forget about it and find a way you can. You’ll probably not believe it but 75-80% nutrient dense wholefoods mixed with 20-25% of the snacks and drinks you love is a cracking way to go! #justsaying