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I choose the words Rise N Grind for a few different reasons

** GRIND ** Firstly I wanted an expression that clearly showed that no matter what our goals may be you will get absolutely no where without hard focused work. This is a simple fact of life whether it’s getting fitter, putting on muscle or losing fat (yes you can lose fat through nutrition alone but a resistance based workout programme will get you the shape and definition you want). Always remember that with all work comes the need for rest and recuperation, this is vitally important in the long run.

** RISE ** This word for me defines our mental attitude. Our ability to rise above the noise of our daily lives and get the job done every single day. It’s how we think about ourselves, how we treat others and how we conduct ourselves. We all have problems and hurdles to jump in our lives but it’s how we react and decide how to view them that defines us.

Stay positive, put the work in and smash your goals to oblivion

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My aim is Motivate, Educate and through my personal training help Facilitate a healthy training program that combines a no bullshit approach to nutrition and working out. The end goal is to help you to change your lifestyle.


Whether it’s fat loss or muscle building I can guide you through the process and at the same time help you understand the fundamentals behind good nutrition and proper workouts.

Fitness, like life, should be enjoyed to the utmost but like everything there will be times you will struggle to stay motivated and hit that workout or cook that meal. Nothing worthwhile is easy so I hope by visiting this website you will find inspiration, motivation and encouragement to keep going.

If you are in Belfast I can help you through my personal training and if you’re further afield then drop me a mail anyway, always good to connect.

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