Fat Loss Traits

How people successfully keep fat off for good! 😒 Forget the 'diet pills' or doing 10 sessions of HIIT every week for lasting fat loss results. Success in fat loss comes from making small adjustments to your life which in the end all add up to keeping you consistent...

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How to set your diet up for fat loss

Diets Before we start I have to make it clear that although I am not a fan of fad diets like Ketogenic, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Intermittent fasting or Low fat etc etc, I will acknowledge they can have their uses for weight loss...

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Your festive Glute workout

Ok not really just festive but will work any time anywhere ... literally. As I've written about here, your Glutes are important muscles that in this day and age we do not activate nearly enough in our daily lives mainly because alot of us sit on our asses all day....

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How to survive the Christmas period (F**k that)

I've seen a lot of posts online recently ( I should note they have been some really helpful posts too - see @cartergood for example), that are entitled "How to survive the holidays." I assume the posts are referring to the US thanksgiving holidays which are a big deal...

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Why you should squat

First of all what is a squat? Well a squat is quite simply your knee straightening and bending as you lower yourself down - also called knee flexion. Muscles involved here are the hamstrings and the quads (primary muscle) and some calf activation. Great example of a...

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