What is Protein?

To start with I need to be very clear that Protein should be a huge component of a healthy diet. It exists in all living cells and is constantly broken down and replaced by your body as we go about our daily lives! It's also one of the 3 main macro-nutrients (Healthy...

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Why we fall – video

I'm a huge believer in self motivation - in the end no one can make you change your life. Whether it is what you are eating, how much exercise you get or just generally how you go about your life, it all comes down to you. That doesn't mean however that I don't...

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Just start already….

We've all been there, the unstoppable plan that you've concocted for the last 2 weeks is now ready to be put be in motion. Then that happens and the voice in your head says nope not today, I can't start now anyway because this just happened. You might not feel like...

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