Nutrition service

Nutrition is a crucial aspect when it comes to changing body composition, health or performance.  Whether it be for fat loss, muscle gain, running a quicker 10k or gaining more energy throughout the day, the right nutritional guidance can make a huge difference.

I’ve created a specialised website with a video library, private facebook community and much more more to help you with nutrition!

If personal training isn’t for you but you still want to understand where you should be with your nutrition then this is the service for you. This is no cookie cutter off the shelf plan you get from Instagram, this is a fully individualised unique guide solely for you. Once we have some baseline metrics we look at how much should you be really eating, what habits do we need to introduce to help you, base meals around foods you actually like, set yourself up to take complete control of your nutrition.

The service includes:

  • Review of current eating habits and initial consultation
  • Measurements taken and lifestyle needs understood to gauge baseline energy requirements
  • Example nutrition plans created to help guide you
  • Weekly check-ins to monitor and gauge progress
  • Access through skype/WhatsApp/text message/email/phone calls to deliver ongoing support

Fat loss

Sports Performance

Muscle gain

Health is just as important as any physique goal so taking control of your nutrition is crucial for this too. Learn about nutrients, what’s important and what’s not in the journey to more energy and better health.


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