Clients come to me for a variety of different reasons e.g. lose body fat before a wedding or run a 10k faster but there are many that come simply to train regularly as they understand the importance of resistance training and how it plays a part in their healthy lifestyles!

Tanya (above) came to me looking to lose body fat and getting fitter for doing a 5k. Safe to say both goals were a success! Introducing new habits and understanding her nutrition allowed Tanya to take control! The wine stayed as did the dinners out but now she understood how to structure her meals inline with her goals!

He has an approachable, down to earth personality that, I expect, means he can find common ground and get along with anyone.  I also gained a better understanding about macronutrients and what they do for our bodies.  And I got results – following Adam’s nutritional and fitness plan, the weight fell off me, but I never once felt I had to go without the treats I enjoy – everything in moderation.  Adam takes all the mystery out of nutrition, fitness and weight loss, and with his genuine passion,  can debunk all the latest myths and old wive’s tales doing the rounds, making a healthy, balanced lifestyle seem so simple, intuitive, achievable and sustainable.  He goes out of his way to be encouraging, working to your unique personality, circumstances and goals, helping you get the results you want.  I recommend him whole-heartedly.


It’s been just over a year since I started seeing Adam at RnG, and I barely recognise myself in the mirror anymore. He completely transformed my diet, creating an eating plan & exercise regime that enabled me to achieve my short & medium-term goals, but which also fit around my lifestyle. I was even still able to enjoy the odd takeaway!

Adam breaks down nutrition in a way that it is easily understandable, but can also to go into greater depth & detail when questioned.

I had a number of pre-existing injuries to my lower back & knee which made me hesitant about doing any rigorous exercise, but Adam was able to structure the exercises that avoided any discomfort.  It’s been a transformational journey so far & I don’t hesitate to recommend RnG to anyone no matter their level of fitness. The only regret I have is that I didn’t start sooner!


I’ve worked with Adam for two years; first sessionally in a group and since July 2020 one to one at his studio. Throughout I have found him to be very professional, attentive, enthusiastic and encouraging. He is firmly rooted in the science of PT and is always seeking to expand his knowledge to help his clients. He works in collaboration and has tailored my one to one programme with excellent results. I have recommended him to family and friends (male and female) who are under his tutelage and very happy with the results. I wholeheartedly recommend him.


The priority should always be to build strong nutritional habits and ensure no negative feelings toward food are created. Joe (below) absolutely smashed his new healthy habits and has seen an increase in both strength and fitness while playing hockey! This is just the start of Joes journey!

When the client came to me his goal was pretty simple – increase strength and not much else. We didn’t focus too much on nutrition other than trying to hit a protein target. So other than that he ate how he wanted to. His deadlift, squat and bench all progressed week on week!