It’s rife. Not just in main stream media and all over the internet but unfortunately embedded in the fitness industry.

“Buy this Ab Destroyer for £29.99 and get a 12 pack in 4 weeks”.
“Simply take 3 of these pills a day and you’ll drop 10kg in 2 weeks”
“Only eat these fat burning foods or you’ll be overweight forever”

Pure unfiltered crap.

The truth is that many people search endlessly for the newest product, nutritional fad diet or wonder food from the deepest darkest part of the Amazonian rain-forest in the hope that it will give them the results they so desperately crave.

They spend a fortune on supplements they don’t need, on fitness gimmicks through QVC (is that even still a thing?) and training plans that set them up for failure. None of this is needed, none of it.

Unfortunately most people don’t have the patience for the actual methods that will help you. In todays world everything happens in a flash – our meals are zapped in the microwave and we lose our shit when a website doesn’t load quickly enough (read an article mentioning anything over a few seconds and people abandon it!). The point is we expect things to happen as quick as our technology has advanced us – not going to happen folks.

Aslong as we the consumer buy into these marketing products the more they continue to expand, grow and prey on your emotions to waste your time and money.


Time to start fighting back

It takes time – no way round this without going on some crazy unsustainable diet that you won’t stick to in 6 months and end up right back where you started. The good news is there is good information and people out there that will help you along the way but first you need to accept that it will take time to change your lifestyle. You didn’t get to a position where you decided you had to to make a change to your life overnight – it took a while for this to happen so it will take time to go about modifying your life in such a way that you will get the results you want.

1) Learn – if you want to understand something new you need to do the research – for example you want to build muscle so you need to read actual proven methods of building muscle. Brad Schoenfeld is widely regarded as one of the leading authorities on body composition training (muscle development and fat loss). As personal trainers we are duty bound to learn from people like him so that we can help clients build muscle if that is their goal (there are lots of men and women like Brad carrying out research to help carry fitness forward correctly).
It’s the same with Nutrition – if you don’t understand how to eat properly you are effectively missing 80% of the picture! Read my article on How to set your diet up for fat loss to understand more of what I mean

2) If you want to make a change you need to have a plan –  most important step. Yes it’s the hardest but once you come up with an overall strategy you can make changes on the fly.

3) Next is action  – you can only plan for so long then you need to actually do something about it. Once you start taking action you realise you are an unstoppable machine that will laugh in the face of setbacks and eventually crush your goal!

4) Last is consistency – failure will most likely happen somewhere along the line. Something life related will happen, because that is what happens to us humans. The key is working through it, adapting, overcoming and staying on course. This is something that we all struggle with, my wife would testify to that one! Raising a family, juggling a career, understanding nutrition, keeping your sanity etc etc. It’s not easy but equipped with the right information you can definitely make it work!

Stay tuned for more posts on the information I’ve talked about throughout this article.

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