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Hi I’m Adam Shilliday and here’s the run down –  I’ve always been into fitness/sport and generally being active from a  young age. At the end of school I decided to go down the I.T route as I’ve always loving helping people and thought I would like to do that and hopefully make good money at it. Turns out there is good money to be made in the Technology sector but I eventually realised I had zero passion for it anymore.

Around the time my son was born I had made my mind up I need to get back to doing what I loved so I retrained as a personal trainer and began actually trying to help people again. That’s it really. Using my passion to help people become fitter, take control of their nutrition and improve their health. I know the pitfalls of having a job that involves a lot of sitting hunched over a desk staring a computer and I understand what it takes to improve your mobility and start you down the right path.

I’m a certified Level 3 Personal Trainer and certified MNU Nutritionist here in Belfast and believe you should be constantly learning when it comes to understanding the science behind how our bodies work – if you’re not learning you’re not growing as a person. I continue to read the latest research on mobility, exercise and nutrition and will be continuously updating my professional knowledge through certified courses.

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My training philosophy and coaching practice is guided by sound scientific research from leaders in the field of fitness and from my own personal experience. While completing my level 2 Gym Instructing and Level 3 Personal Training at Platinum training institute I began to understand the importance of knowing not only how to train the general population but also more importantly why you should train in particular ways. This goes for not only training methodologies but also the nutritional aspect too. The learning doesn’t stop once you get accredited, it should only be the beginning.

A good trainer will always be learning, improving their knowledge/skillset and will always be willing to change their mind about something whether it be a training technique or nutritional advice.

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